Pricing Changes from WHMCS

In a blog post published today, Matt from WHMCS announced a new pricing model for WHMCS which looks as follows:

  • Up to 250 Clients $15.95/mo (Branded)
  • Up to 250 Clients $18.95/mo (No Branding)
  • Up to 1000 Clients $24.95/mo (No Branding)
  • Over 1000 Clients $39.95/mo (No Branding)

This new pricing grid went in effect today for new subscriptions (I wonder why there was no previous announcement about it) and for existing customers it will assume a 6 month grace period.

This progressive pricing grid will most probably upset a lot of people, especially those already owning a WHMCS license and managing more than 250 customers, but considering the fact that anybody with more than 250 customers won’t afford to migrate to a different platform this change will make it impossible for them to give up WHMCS and switch.

On top of that they are no longer offering owned licenses, invoking the high maintenance costs for the WHMCS development. The funny thing about this move is that the support for owned licenses was previously subject to a fee once the 12 month period ended so having an owned license didn’t spare you of having to pay them more.

The FAQ released here tries to answer most questions about this move.

I personally consider that good software isn’t cheap and if you have 250+ customers you surely can afford the extra cost so it’s not like they are pinning it on everyone just like as other software vendors do.

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