Scaleway C2L server benchmark

Scaleway provides bare metal servers, both as dedicated and scalable cloud solutions. I took a C2L server from them which runs on a C2750 Intel Atom with 8 CPU cores at 2.40 GHz and has 32GB RAM. The server comes bundled with two separate hard drives. A networked 50GB SSD and a native 250GB SSD.

The network speed and disk I/O rates are pretty good for the price so I’d say it’s totally worth the 23.99€ monthly price (VAT excluded) which is justified mostly by the low profile CPU.

System Info
Processor : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2750 @ 2.40GHz
CPU Cores : 8
Frequency : 2393.905 MHz
Memory : 32095 MB
Swap : 0 MB
Uptime : 6 min,

OS : Debian GNU/Linux 8
Arch : x86_64 (64 Bit)
Kernel : 4.5.7-std-3
Hostname : sharky
Speedtest (IPv4 only)
Location Provider Speed
CDN Cachefly 107MB/s

Atlanta, GA, US Coloat 14.5MB/s
Dallas, TX, US Softlayer 12.4MB/s
Seattle, WA, US Softlayer 10.6MB/s
San Jose, CA, US Softlayer 9.71MB/s
Washington, DC, US Softlayer 16.9MB/s

Tokyo, Japan Linode 8.24MB/s
Singapore Softlayer 2.28MB/s

Rotterdam, Netherlands 6.43MB/s
Haarlem, Netherlands Leaseweb 77.3MB/s
Disk Speed
I/O (1st run) : 139 MB/s
I/O (2nd run) : 164 MB/s
I/O (3rd run) : 120 MB/s
Average I/O : 141 MB/s

Benchmark performed using the script released by the folks at

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